Karyosystematic Study of the Genus Sternbergia (Amaryllidaceae) in Greece. I. South Aegean Islands

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1990
Authors:G. Kamari, Artelari R.
Pagination:pp. 367-388

The genus Sternbergia is represented in the South Aegean area by three species: S. greuteriana, an endemic species, is described here as new to science (2n=22+0-1B), S. lutea and S. sicula. S. lutea was examined karyologically for the first time from Greece and was found to be diploid (2n=22) as well as triploid (2n=3x=33), whereas S. sicula proved to be diploid with 2n=22+0-1B chromosomes and has a karyotype similar to those of the other two species. The chromosome number (2n=18) and karyotype reported earlier for this taxon are questionable. Single B-chromosomes, varying in size and morphology, were found for the first time in S. sicula and in S. greuteriana. The morphological characters, basic chromosome number, karyotype morphology, occurence of B-chromosomes and number of nucleoli are discussed.

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